¿Who Wants In?

Over the past seven months we have seen God do some amazing things. Not just in the world around us, but in our hearts and minds as well. We want to thank all of you who have been on our team since the beginning in thoughts and prayer. In this post though, we would like to offer you guys, who have been asking, a chance to help in a tangible financial way.  We have seen the impact that giving has had on the heart of the giver. Since God is the creator of all things; resources are not what he is after, but rather the heart behind the giver. That is what this post is about. It is an opportunity to bless some awesome little kids in a huge way, but also an opportunity to let God do some huge things in your life as well.

Back in February I got to go work for a whole week in a children’s home about five hours away in a town called El Limon.  This home was un-like anything I had ever seen.  It has only three full time workers and over 45 kids’ ages 5-15, but it is as clean as a hospital!  The most amazing thing was the spiritual climate at the home; you could feel it the moment you walked in.  A home filled with hurt, abandoned and abused children is not usually the most cheerful place to be; let alone a place you could go to get re-charged. That’s exactly what happened though to the group we took in February!

I asked the directors of this home, Fernando and Yadira, how this came to be, and their explanation was simple, prayer.  When they took over the facility a few years ago it was a very dark environment, and while their work ethic and love for the kids was amazing, they knew it would require more.  They literally declared a spiritual war on the place and called to action, the help of every pastor and prayer warrior in town.  They arose early in the morning and prayed for God to soften the hearts of the children, and to allow them to be open to growth and healing.  As that process began to take hold, the next step was for the kids themselves to take on the role of “mini prayer warriors,” and that was what made the difference!  You can literally see it on the faces of the kids when walk on the property.  They work like machines and whistle while they do it.  They truly work as if every task is an act of worship to the Lord!  I have never seen or felt praise and worship like I did in El Limon, and someday you will have to come for yourself and see what it feels like to have 45 giants of prayer all pray for you at the same time!  (Sounds like a million bees buzzing!)

Here is the point.  Our family is going to take a week of “vacation” from our work here in Monterrey and use the kid’s spring break, to go down to El Limon and serve them on our own without an American group.  What we are asking for is assistance to be able to bless these kids with some things that they do not normally get the chance to experience.  In February we brought special meat called aracherra steak and the supplies to make tacos one night.  This cost less than $200 and many of them had never tasted steak.  Three days later they were still telling us thank you for the meat.  (Gracias, por la carne fue grandioso!)  To put their income in perspective, a soccer ball would cost a couple of day’s wages for someone in their town. We will use the money raised to bless the kids in the places they need it the most. If you were looking to directly impact a specific group of kids in a powerful way, this is your chance. We will just simply be stewards of your gift to them.

We are going down the week of April 15 -23.  All checks would need to be sent directly to the home office of Back2Back Ministries in Ohio, they are a 501c non-profit so that you can deduct the contribution you make. If you plan to contribute to this project please e-mail us with an amount, so we can begin making purchases and preparations for the trip. I will share both photos and stories with you of what we were able to accomplish with your gift.

Thank you in advance for joining us in His work!

Make all checks payable to:

Back2Back Ministries

Attn:  Whited El Limon Project

P.O. Box 70

Mason, OH 45040

Call or E-mail us directly with any questions.

David & Stacy Whited



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3 Responses to ¿Who Wants In?

  1. Dana Rose says:

    Whited family!!!
    I am so glad you guys are doing this blog website! It’s a great way to keep people posted! I am really glad you are being blessed and blessing others there in Mexico. Each of you are an inspiration to me and I want you to know that. You are in my prayers each day & i cannot wait to see you soon!! :) Im flying in June 21st. :) i cannot wait i’m so excited to see you guys! Love you all!!
    All my Love,
    Dana Rose

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