The boat’s are burned!!

The last of our belongings are loaded up for storage.

I made the comment last night on Facebook that “The boats are burning!  At 8 am the movers will be here to put my world into box so, i can step outside of it and see what else God has for us”.  Well…the boats are burned and the free fall into the unknown of testing out our “Reckless Faith” has begun.  I am so excited by the future, overwhelmed by my short comings, and full of faith that God will fill in the gap! We will be in Nashville a couple more days tying up some loose ends on the accounting side of our business.  I had no idea a month ago everything that would be involved in putting a hectic life on hold for year!  There is still a bit of a lag on the paperwork for our work visa’s to finish being processed with the Mexican consulate so when we are done here we will just start driving really slow toward Monterrey. If we come to mind over the next few days please take a moment and pray for our family.  God Bless.

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5 Responses to The boat’s are burned!!

  1. Kathy Jones says:

    YAY for your “Reckless Faith”! Praying for your whole family that God will keep you safe and just fill you up to overflowing with his presence!

  2. PAM & TONY BOWLING says:

    We just recieved the book and your card. Thanks for thinking of us and it sounds like God has called you for something beautiful. We are going to miss you. It is not the same without your smiling faces:) Oddly enough a year goes by fast. May God keep you and your family safe as His miracles unfold on you. We will keep you all in our prayers. Blessings….
    In Christian Love, Pam & Tony

  3. Rissa says:

    so excited for you & your family as you go on this journey.. have been in prayer for you all and hope that you guys made it to mexico safe & sound… keep posting because i sure am looking for the updates :)

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