Whited’s Settled in Mexico

We are all settled in and growing in confidence daily.  We now know how to get to a dozen different important locations in Monterrey, buy food, un-clog a drain, roughly communicate with our construction crew that are working on the wall around our property that was destroyed by Hurricane Alex, set up online school accounts, organize a trailor, operate a pick axe, refill gas tank for the house, set up cell phones with Colton translating, gain wireless access to the internet, spray for spiders, light a hot water heater in the rain, and survive freezing cold showers.

The Back2Back staff have been amazing and have welcomed us with open arms.  The kids are absolutely beautiful and for the next few months we will be visiting all of the seven locations Back2Back works with on a regular bases. This will allow us to find a job we are the most effective in as well as get to know all of the caregivers and children at each location.  One of our new missionary friends gave us a great quote to ponder that we would love to share. “Everywhere you go and whatever you do is an adventure as long as you’re in the center of Gods will.”

We are "officially" part of the Back2Back staff and we have t-shirts to prove it.

The kids love to ride on your shoulders. They said David is "mas forte!"

David was using the pick axe to get rid of old concrete at one of the churches. Once the old is gone they will pour new.

We handed out water to families that didn't have access to clean water.

Our goal is by Christmas to only be speaking Spanish in the Whited home.

Averee and Stacy loving on the beautiful little girls after church.

Feliz Cumpleanos, Colton!

Colton and David are working to convert our new friends to KC Chiefs fans!

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9 Responses to Whited’s Settled in Mexico

  1. Audra Garrison says:

    Hola David, Stacy, Colton y Averee,

    Ojala que toda esta bien con ustedes! Estoy muy orgullosa con su trabajo. Quiero visitarte en el futuro con mi hijos y hablo contigo en Espanol! Si necesita practicar la lengua, llamame. Te quiero mucho, su amiga, Audra

  2. sarah moore says:

    So glad to hear you are there and everything is going good. So Awesome!!

  3. Charles & Karen says:

    We love reading about what you’re doing; & seeing the pictures! Love & prayers for you all!!!

  4. Charles & Karen Mills says:

    We love reading about what you’re doing; & seeing the pictures! Love & prayers!!!

  5. Bonnie Church says:

    So happy to see you fulfilling your purpose and walking in obedience to HIM. You are an inspiration to Michael and I… Our first grandchild was born last week. I spent 5 days holding her and helping her mom adjust to motherhood. I felt such serenity knowing the efforts I made yesterday – our underwriting my baby-loving today… You are in our prayers.

  6. Holly Whaley says:

    It’s so good to hear from you. You are definitely getting an appreciation for life’s basic conveniences. I can’t wait to hear what your position will be there. It’s a privilege to follow along side of your great work. Blessings to David, Stacy, Colton, and Averee. Sincerely, Holly

  7. mary grace birkhead says:

    We sure miss you here but we are pushing on!! I am so excited about what all is happening. Stacy, the Gospel Trans. group is going well…we miss you. Just studied the ‘lady on the hill’ lesson and it reminded me of you…I am going to give them this link so they can communicate also. Remember, speak the gospel to yourself every day!!

  8. tsanko says:

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  9. livelybrowsers says:

    Thanks for good stuff

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